Tidings of Comfort and Joy

A Christmas Message

Merry Christmas, everyone!

Last night, me and three of my friends led a 25 min long Christmas Eve service on Instagram. Click here to view.

Here’s my message:

The night Jesus was born, the night heaven touched earth, the night God chose to slip into this world in human flesh, the night God took on our native garb, angels hovered around and the glory of the Lord shone upon – not the priests in the temple, not the magistrates in the city hall, not the professors in the academy. The glory of the Lord shone upon some dudes who lived with sheep and slept outdoors. I thought of it for the first time this week. Like, why shepherds and not, like journalists or something? 

The only answer I can come up with is this: because shepherds are totally fine with mangers. Jesus was born when and where he was most needed and that was in Bethlehem 2,000 years ago amongst sheep and straw and maybe God knew shepherds were the only ones who wouldn't be freaked out by the whole baby in a manger thing. I mean, they literally already smelled like sheep and grass and dirt. 

This image of a proud Joseph and an exhausted Mary looking at the babe laying in the manger wrapped in bands of cloth, and then suddenly having their party crashed by some smelly shepherds telling magical tales of singing angels. Well, there’s just so much more hope to be found in this than in a magistrate’s office or a temple. A manger in Bethlehem was where we needed for it all to happen. 

And I believe that despite a pandemic, and political unrest and an unnecessarily high death toll, that there are still angels hovering around. I believe that God is still trying to get to us. Seeking out shepherds, seeking out anyone who will listen. I believe God is still trying to get to us to bring good news of great joy for all the people. 

We’ve had so much bad news this year – bad news of great sorrow for all the peoples. 

So I am delighted to finally say Merry Christmas, because we could use some good news of great joy for all the people right about now.

And I believe that the Christ child is always born where he is most needed, where he is most cherished, where he is most potent. So wherever in your life you need this babe – that is always where he is to be found. 

Whoever listening right now who needs this baby…

It is unto you a child is born.

Unto you.

Unto you the mother without her own children.

Unto you an addict who can’t keep clean.

Unto you the survivor.

Unto you who can’t lose it because you have to keep it together for everyone else.

Unto you the bullied kid.

Unto you whose family never got you.

Unto you who lost your parents this year.

Unto you who doesn't know how in the world you can keep going.

Unto you.

Unto you a child is born. And also unto me. 

And also unto me and all who already smell of sheep and grass a dirt. 

Because the Christ child is always born wherever he is most needed. Wherever a soul needs to feel it’s worth.

Merry Christmas, family.


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