Sunday Prayers April 5th 2020

Palm Sunday Edition

Sunday Prayers

April 5th, 2020

Aka Palm Sunday

Dear God,

Some of us are exhausted by a constant stream of bad news.

Some of us are exhausted from the effort of trying to not freak out.

Some of us are exhausted by not knowing how we will pay rent.

Some of us are exhausted from the effort of trying to entertain and educate and feed and love children who are stuck at home.

Some of us are exhausted by the 13 hour shifts in a hospital we no longer recognize, working a job we are afraid might kill us.

Some of us showed up to this pandemic with pre-existing  physical and mental health conditions that were already exhausting. 

Some of us are exhausted by loneliness.

Some of us are exhausted by waiting so long for a new season of Succession.

And some of us are exhausted by the effort of trying to make this all ok for everyone else.

Life is so strained and tender right now.

I know that not a single one of us is promised another day, God.

But I guess I am asking for the strength for just the one we are in. 

Give us today our daily strength

Strength for today, and if you could spare it, bright hope for tomorrow.


ps- HOSANNA in the highest

Holy Week Offering From Me

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For What And For Whom Do The People Of God Pray?

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