A renowned journalist steps into The Confessional!

Maria Hinojosa tells a story for the first time publicly about cable news wars, Lou Dobbs, Immigration, and a small mistake with an enormous impact

Season Finale: Maria Hinojosa

“You know, it comes down to a human error, but one of massive proportions because you're dealing with humanity and people's lives.”

Maria is the host of Latino USA and one of the most respected journalists in the country. She also has a new memoir. It’s called Once I Was You: A Memoir of Love and Hate in a Torn America.

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Opening Essay:

In 2019 I was the subject of a fake news story. 

A conservative website took one line from an interview, re-worded it in a way that was both inaccurate and specifically designed to stoke the moral outrage of a certain population and then it was pawned off as “news”. Eventually other websites wrote their own version of the original piece and it spread, as it was designed to do because the more people clicked on it, the more advertising money the owner of the website received. I still get questions about it from people who assumed it was true because, after all, they read it on the internet.

It didn’t feel good on my end, to have my image and words twisted into a caricature for others to point to and say “This. This is what is wrong with America.”  But it felt even worse when I suddenly realized how often I myself had clicked on headlines that were exaggerations or falsehoods perfectly written to stoke my liberal moral outrage and how often I assumed what I read was true, and how often it solidified my worldview so that I was sure to click on the next story and the next story -- none of which were written by actual journalists. 

We are in a historical moment where the truth seems up for grabs by anyone with a screen name and a wifi connection, and these cynical click-bait perversions of truth for the purpose of amassing ad revenue are destroying us. 

But there are so many rigorously professional journalists who keep us informed and who do so at a personal cost that I had failed to grasp until I had the conversation you’re about to hear. So with gratitude, I give you, my guest today, renowned journalist Maria Hinojosa the host of Latino USA. And to those who tirelessly report the actual news on our behalf, I say thank you. 

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End of Season 2!

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